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SpotLight: BET Sunday Best Has Been a Major Success In My Life – Maurice Griffin | @Mgministries


Hello My Readers, It been a while since we had Music Stakeholders on this Platform after we had Yinka Davids of iFocus Pictures. Trust me we back in a bigger and better way as we went all the way to the United States to have this fellow :mrgreen: . He is one of the finalist of the BET Sunday Best (Season 2). He just released Visuals for ‘Hear Us’. We have here Maurice Griffin.

Tell us more about yourself down to your childhood background?

I was born on a navy base in Hampton, Virginia, in USA. My family always knew I had the gift to sing. I grew up singing in church and ended up being apart of a recording gospel choir, “New Direction,” in Chicago, IL. Later on tried out for many competitions and won some and finally made on BET Network series, “BET’s Sunday Best. I have accomplished a lot in my life time.

You ended as one of the finalist of the BET Sunday Best (Season 2). What Effect has that been to your career?

It has been a major success in my life. It was a door opener and I’m humble for the experience it has taught me.

You have to your credits Albums like ‘I Am Somebody’, ‘My Holiday’, & ‘Believer’. What really contributed to the Success of ‘Believer’?

All my albums are personal to me. ‘Believer’ is an album I created for those who doubted themselves and felt like they missed their mark. ‘believer’ is an album that puts emphasis on the person believing in themselves, moreso than anything else. God wants us to be at our best and I believe as long as we have breath in our bodies, we still have a chance to continue working towards our better being. 

You recently released the Visuals of ‘Hear Us’. What Birthed the concept?

Amante Lacy wrote this song and it carried such a cry that I wanted to make sure this message carried over successfuly by it being my single for the album. 

You are celebrating your 10th year in Gospel Music as an independent unsigned Artiste. What keeps you going?

The people who support my music and those who trust me on their stage to sing to their culture. Im blessed to be a blessing, and I have to continuously remind myself, that life could of gone a different way, but when you know better, you do better. 10 years has been a journey but its only the beginning.

Who is/are your Role Model(s)?

Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Daryl Coley. 

Any Project in mind we should look forward to?

I’m planning a few things that I have in the fire. Im working on a live rhythm and worship album, a traditional project, and writing a book.

What Advice would you give Young Aspiring Artistes who seek to make impact in the Music Ministry.

Don’t allow your dream to die. You have the ability to be who God called you to be. Don’t Give up on your dream. You are important in your generation.

What Lasting Message do you have for Christians/Believers out there?

Always remember Jesus in every situation and trust that He has your best interest. Pray and seek God in all things, for it is the WILL of God concerning you.

It Great having you on the ‘SpotLight’ today. We hope anytime we beckon on you, you will be willing to answer us.

I would be pleased to return and speak with you anytime. I believe in what you are doing and I pray you continue to succeed in this venture.

To find more about Maurice Griffin, Log on to www.MauriceGriffinOnline.com or on www.facebook.com/mauricegriffinonline

Watch ‘Hear Us’ Video Here

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