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Leave Pepper For Pepper Sellers By @JerryStreams

Jerry Eze, A Pastor,  Speaker and Publisher at Streams of Joy Devotional took to his Instagram to let out this piece. 

1. Stop looking for who to ‘pepper’ when you should be concentrating on your life’s Assignment. It is such a huge distraction. Leave Pepper for pepper sellers.

2. See how you are behaving, acting and reacting because of them; all in a bid to ‘pepper’ them. They are controlling you for real. Leave Pepper for pepper sellers.

3. Most of the people you are trying to ‘pepper’ have no idea you are dealing with them in anyway. What you are doing isn’t hurting them at all. Leave Pepper for pepper sellers

4. You only want to ‘pepper’ them because your life has some ‘pepper’. You see, only bitter people make others bitter. You are more than that. Leave Pepper for pepper sellers.

5. There are still some who will ‘pepper’ themselves because of your success; that’s fine, at least you didn’t serve the pepper. Leave pepper for pepper sellers.

6. Exposing your done and undone works on Social Media for it to ‘pepper’ them is a little immature. Somethings are better left unsaid till it becomes reality. Leave pepper for pepper sellers.

7. Just because you want to ‘pepper’ them : You lied, You are owing and your integrity is at stake and still you haven’t succeeded in ‘peppering’ them. Leave Pepper for pepper sellers.

8. Live happily and authentically. Share God’s goodness to everyone around you , if it ‘peppers’ them, you didn’t serve them the pepper. Leave Pepper for pepper sellers.

9. Oga/Madam, must everything ‘pepper’ you. If your own success doesn’t ‘pepper’ you, why should someone else’s success ‘pepper’ you. Leave pepper for pepper sellers.

10. “Pepper them gang” that cannot cook AfroCaribAsiatic pepper soup, is that one a correct pepper gang.

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