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Interview: Timi Phoenix Relates with Oluwaseun Blog

Welcome to the interview session. The person on ground today is someone to look out for. He is the brain behind “Eledumare and Magnified”. It is Timi Phoenix in da building… He is Music Producer, Graphics & Web designer, Editor, Song Writer, Gospel Singer & Quantity Surveyor. I know you dont wanna miss this.


Can we meet you?
I’m by name Otegbayo Joseph Oluwatimileyin A.K.A Timi Phoenix. I am origin of Osun state,Atakunmosa LGA,was brought up under an Anglican doctrine born on the 5th February in Minna,Niger state.

What your Childhood & Educational Background ?
My childhood was mostly spent in the Northern part of Nigeria, I grew up with my parents and other siblings of 5. am the third born,from a family of 6 children. I attended my primary school @ Neco staff school minna,were I obtained my 1st living certificate in the year 2002,and furthered to FGC kwali Abuja,were I did my Junior secondary school and finished by secondary education at F.G.C minna,Niger state, I Obtained my national Diploma @ fed poly Bida,Niger state 2011-2012 session and presently running my HND @ yaba college of Technology

How did you discover the talent singing ?
I have as a young child have passion for music,not as a singer though,but as a good listener of good music,I can remember Tuface now Tu Baba use to my no.1 icon,I know almost all is songs in is first solo album and he’s album was the first nigerian music album I ever put out my own money to buy. I had always believed I don’t really have a voice. My parents insist I should be part of the choir seeing my response to music but I will always resist because I have that picture maybe I was not just on the picture of the public figure type (Shy),so it continued until I got admission to the polytechnic in 2011.I ran into a couple of friends but only this two guys stick and I found out we got too found of each other, I did not know what the connect was until I got to know Victor Adeosun is a diploma graduate from a music school. Connecting it, I knew I had a calling before I gained admission to the institute, my brother plays the Guitar well too and wanted to teach me but I wasn’t interested but seeing the picture I knew I had I have a place in the choir,moreover that was the base agreement Victor wanted before we started the training, so I guess that was the Gods will. Victor Adeosun Thought me Music preliminary with the Guitar,I bought my first guitar on the 11th march 2011, I attended my first Choir rehearsal on the 18th march,2011. I later started having thoughts on how to create songs,as I grew in music later that year 4th of November I did my first song strength of My Faith ft Kaysax Produced by Immanuel Yashim and Ellman. I knew I had speed,I could not explain it but there was a strong push very strong,last I asked the HolySpirit then he said “when God means Business then its business”.

You are a Music Producer, Graphics & Web designer, Editor, Song Writer, Gospel Singer & Quantity Surveyor. So how do you put all these together ?
Friends who got to know me were thrilled and always wondered how I knew so much,they called me the Jack of all trade but I always laughed,I am not a Jack of all Trade,am the Timi phoenix of Jesus trade. I have a story to tell ,but I will just cut it short. Make use of everytime God gives to you, After I finished secondary school I did not make my. O’level paper (English language to be precise) on one sittings I had already picked unilag, I was so kin about gaining admission to that institute because I wanted to explore my teenage. Excitement,and try out all those vision I built for that moment but hence I could not make my papers it did not work even my vision of going to study abroad was not visible cause even if the fund when I hard my Dads support the result wasn’t just there,so I had to sit at home to retake my O’level for that year since I didn’t want to go to the polytechnic then. I was just in that throma as a young man,although that was not the first time I ever experience such,I felt something was wrong my mum will be like go to church,I would not even want to go for sunday service cause I have always been like the anti church guy this was before I meet Jesus,but I had a to attend sunday service because it was compulsory courtesy my Dad,so when this happened again she brough Jesus to me again;I was so confused then,how could I serve Jesus more,I go to church now, what else. She noticed I was tired of her telling me the same thing,so she got me to a chancellor Prof Mrs Mogbo,she was so simple and nice we talked and I felt light in my spirit, one thing I took home that day was the story of the eagle she said,oh! I can never forget that story; she said ”Do all you can to emulate the eagle, education is power but it comes in different colours”,she said;your name is Joseph do you remember Joseph in the bible,he had a coat of many colours,same is yours,so show the world your colours.. I went back home to maximise that time I had @ home, not minding what I call circumstance. I took that time as an opportunity,an advantage over my age pear and I began to learn everything in my reach,I did not have a computer then I used my mums own Laptop..ooH I remember damaging the screen mistakenly. I learnt from photo editing graphics editing to video editing to web designed, to Production, I bought the complete Adobe suite and God was connecting me to people who impacted knowledge in me. It was an amazing experience all this was before I got admission. I started music when I got admission for ND programme. Christ Embassy developed my lyrical content to the stage hear today,and its still in progress. I can’t afford not to mention Arch Tona Ladega C.E.O of the Mighty Play In Architecture Ltd,He is a mirror in regards to exploit in my own professional career spiritually and Field wise.


How did come about the name Timi Phoenix ?
Timi is from my own parental given name Oluwa-TIMI-leyin meaning God my supporter and the name Phoenix was a name I adopted by me, it means some one unique and distinct ”some with a very peculiar way of thinking” Moreover I adopted that name before I ever started singing.

Why have you chosen Gospel Music ?
I had no other option I always wanted to make my parent proud,maintaining the built reputation. my Mum is an Evangelist and my Dad a Elder in our local church, If I had venture into circular then I would be disappointing them and God,aside that I could not just fit in that picture outside what I am now trust me. although I listen to contemporary music Pop, RnB and the likes

Did your Parent Support you at first ?
We spelt it out together; they could not stop me anyway. You know, my Dad was more interested in my Education Likewise my Mummy but they did not ask me not to do music,they just ask me to be patient and build a strong foundation by obtaining my first degree. Infact my first studio single ever, my Mum gave the balance for the session; I could not fund the complete fees,it was about 20k she raised me the balance of 8k, That particular day Kay Sax got into town for the collabo and my box guitar was bought with my Dads Money though it was my pocket money savings @ least I was not working. I think they were just been political with there statement so I can see the importance of education and would be able to strike a balance.

Tell us about your two hot gospelic songs “Eledumare and Magnified“.
Eledumare was produced by Jerrywine of COG records,that chorus Eledumare was given to me by the Holy Spirit,I do music as it comes(Freestyle),I write too but Eledumare was arranged by the Holy Spirit for the children of God to worship God the Father,from the lyrics to the verse to everything was detailed,I believe the songs says it all. Magnified; there is no song Magnified on the album but the content of the album tells the story of how the word Magnified relate with the album. I have been magnified in this act of praise and in my songs I will testified that am magnified all round.

Who are you reaching out to with your Music ?
My type of music is to the everyone,there is a place for the Old,a place for the young and even a place for the Kids. Am reaching out to everyone, those that are yet to be born again

Are you married ?
No,and am not ready to,not now!

What are the challenges you face in this Proffession ?
Funds:its one thing to do music but it a total ball game to be consistant,music is good as well as we all say gospel is Free and forget to mention the fact that its not cheap,I have been putting in much effort to doing music but the standard Is not cheap infact I say its way more expensive than it use to be before cause the competition to its is more than just having a Good voice or good song,its now outside the studio. And we don’t have funds when you are not signed to a record label that can finance your career to come out with the best and I believ,if it Gospel then it should be excellent. shooting a standard video requires a tangible amount of money with a dependant artist can’t fund alone.

Platform: Though I thank God for the Ministry where I am, Platform is not a challenge within but outside it I think more platform should be raised.

What do you do at leisure time ?
Making Good music, Writing, Studying and researching.

Word for the People.
the Earth is the biggest stage God has given to you,dream bigger and don’t give up on your vision,it may tarry but if you are persistant it will finally work out if you start right.

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