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Interview: Secular music not healthy for youths – Xtreme Thog


Gospel artiste, Olalekan Boboye, aka
Xtreme Thog, had a tough time telling his
parents that he wanted to spend the rest
of his life making music for the poor, less
privileged and downtrodden in the
“Initially they were not happy when I told
them that I wanted to take up music as a
career,” the singer says, in an interview
with our correspondent.
Apparently his folks had expected him to
get a decent job after training as a
mechanical engineer at Ondo State
University, Ado-Ekiti. But the decision, he
says, was beyond him.
Xtreme Thog claims that he received a
divine instruction to take up music as his
career. “God called me to play music,” he
Before then, he had left Nigeria for
further studies in South Africa. When he
returned after spending two years in that
country, he started a modelling agency
somewhere in Lagos. Not long afterwards,
the itch to abandon everything else for
music returned and there nothing he
could do about it.
“God told me that modelling was not
what called me to do. He warned that if I
failed to take up music, I would end up a
beggar for the rest of my life,” he says.
As a gospel artiste, Xtreme Thog draws
inspiration from the voice of God. The
singer, whose maiden album has just hit
the market, says he actually hears from
“I hear the voice of God. Also He reveals
things to me in a vision,” he says.
It took Xtreme Thog eight years to record
a full gospel music album. Part of the
blame goes to his folks for initially
denying him the liberty to actualise his
“It wasn’t until I was able to convince
them that my ambition was to become a
successful gospel artiste that they let me
be and gave me their blessings,” he says.
Free, at last, to pursue the object of his
dream, he proceeded to carve a niche for
himself in a music industry that was
already saturated with talented gospel
artistes. One of the things he did was to
create a unique style for himself, which
he christened ‘Street gospel music’.
“I wanted to do away with the usual
stereotype of the average gospel music
artiste in Nigeria. Everyone expects you
to be conservative because you are a
gospel musician. They want you to sing in
a particular style, dress in a particular way
and the contents of your songs to reflect
a drab lifestyle. But I am not cut out for
that,” he says.
Instead of playing to the gallery, Xtreme
Thog decided from the outset to put on
the garb of a new wave gospel musician
with a difference. Although he is
conscious of the challenges ahead, the
artiste yearns to make his mark on the
global music scene. He believes he has
the talent and potential to dominate the
charts, especially in his chosen genre. But
it appears that secular music, especially
the new variety known as Afro hip hop,
appears to stand between him and his
The singer says he is committed to the
task of winning back the youth to gospel
music. More than anything else in the
world, he wants to wrest as many
Nigerian youths as possible from the grip
of secular musicians.
“I don’t listen to secular music because it
does not glorify God. I call it wayward
music because the content corrupts the
listener rather than edify him. I am not
condemning secular musicians, but I think
the contents of their kind of music is not
healthy for the youths,” Xtreme Thog
He adds that the reason why he is
focusing on Nigerian youths is because
they are the future leaders of the
“If you are able to capture the heart of
the youths, you have captured the heart
of the entire nation,” he says.
He hopes to achieve this feat with street
gospel music, which he describes as a
divine gift from God.
“It is the new trend in music that God
wants our youths to adopt, irrespective of
tribe and social status. The idea is to draw
them away from sin and bring them
closer to God,” he says.
However, the artiste’s mission is aptly
illustrated in the title of his new album,
X-City Project’ – meaning, ‘Exhort Christ
In Thy Youth’.
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