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Interview: ‘Its Not Easy To Be a Female Artiste Especially a Pretty one, with a Good Stature’  – Ernieola 

It’s another edition of our Interview session and its been a while but guess what, we are back for good and ready for 2017.

On today’s Interview session our guest is Ernieola, an anointed Gospel Ministrel based in the City of Lagos. Enjoy! 

Can we Meet you?

My name is Eniola Olusoga “Ernieola”

Share with us your Childhood and Educational Background?

I grew up on Lagos, schooled in Lagos,graduated from Yaba college of technology as a Civil engineer, in the  process, studying music at Muson & Unilag…

For how many years have you been in the Music ministry? 

 6 years. 

Sometime ago we knew you were with Music Producer, Wole Oni. What is your relationship with him?

I was signed to Wole oni’s record label as an Artiste, so the relationship is basically work. Artiste to a label, boss and a producer

It’s exactly this month, December 2014 you released ‘You Are Worthy’. What truly inspired that Worship Song?

The inspiration came from a deep thought, I was at a point in my life, I just felt God came through for me despite my past health issues, life battles.  He came through and the song came there.  (I was in a public bus) somewhere at Bolade-Oshodi, Lagos. Nigeria. 

Any special reason(s) for having Minister CuteSagay on the song?

Yes…(smiles),  Cutesagay is one of the deepest worshippers I know & his voice is a force to reckon with. He is a big brother & a very good friend of mine,(Yes I have a lot of friends) but I just knew in my spirit that he was the best person to be on that song. 

What are the challenges you face in this profession? 

A major challenge “factually” is,  its not easy to be a female artiste especially a pretty one, with a good stature (smiles) because some of the people (opposite sex basically) who wants to assist you wants to have a sexual relationship with you before they can, and MUSIC is expensive so if u don’t have good platforms that can support your music or another job to support your Music its not gonna be easy basically those are the challenges but God is ever sure.

What your view about the Min-dustry. Any Improvement?

For me min-industry is basically “Gospel + business’ = Godly business.  Ministry : discovering & fulfilling that God defined purpose for your life. Its “A CALLING”.  Industry : A movement or a system you are part of where you gotta survive & make ends meet or settle things. Result yielding. 

How do you unwind?

I’m a Public relations personnel so I love being around people, I hang out with friends, movies, Shopping or at home in bed (smiles)

Any new project on the way, remembering the fact you promised to drop your debut album last year (2015)

Yes, I remember album was supposed to be ready in 2015 because I was with a record label and I was almost 100% sure of their delivery but as God will have it a lot has happened and we all had to move on, so the album is in the process, yes I have some songs on the way “TRIBUTE”, ‘OTA LENU’, ‘EJE N DAB’, Which I’m gonna drop in 2017 with a music video for Tribute. Stay glued to my social media for updates.  (smiles). 

Who are your role models when in the min-dustry?

Juanita bynum, Kim burrell, Jessica Reedy, Tasha Cobbs, Tye tribette, Travis Greene, Dr Jazz, Pst Damola Akiogbe, EFE Nathan. 

When are we going to hear the wedding bell? Lol

(Lols) Soon

Anything you have to say to the people?

Don’t stop being yourself, don’t let anybody determine your happiness, always Trust God (it ain’t gonna be easy but trust me, it’s worth it.), And have more than a source of income, Yes it gets frustrating, tiring so you need other means so has to fall back on something.

Blessings and Thank you for having me.

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