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Interview: “I think that’s where it starts from, FROM WITHIN, restructure our minds,challenge ourselves to do better” – Okey Sokay


This is an interview with a celebrated Producer/Artiste “Okey Sokay”. The Aka Crooner. Relax and Read on to see what he told Oluwaseun Blog.

Can We meet You?
Dickson Okechukwu Onya are my names and I am a NIGERIAN (Smiling) I hail from afikpo north LGA in ebonyi state, Nigeria.

How was Childhood Experience like?
Was a wonderful experience for me. My routine was school, home, CHURCH, CHURCH, CHURCH. Because my mother was seriously involved in mission work (missionary) and also functioned as an evangelist, So spent most of my childhood doing GOD’s work with my mother in my small way then.

What your Educational Background?
Had my primary school education in abuja “HANDMAID” international nursery and primary school/ LEA primary school, GSS KARSHI(abuja) for my secondary and started a course with EBSU (Economics education), dropped out because it was not accredited then, So I went to study Software engineering at sikkim manipal University (mini campus Abuja/India)


What inspired you into singing?
Before now I did more of playing the musical instrument (Bass Guitar/ Drums) was not into singing at all, singing was something I picked along the way. #GRACE.

Share the Challenges you facing in this Profession?
Hmmm Challenges…. well for me I see every challenge as an opportunity to become better at what I am doing every time. There are alot of challenges I have faced and still face. Initially it was family,  after I resigned my job to do music full time, I had to leave my comfort zone to do music where no one knew me and today I am here and my family celebrates me. Another challenge was getting resources to produce my music and get my music out there. It was quite challenging so I had to teach myself music production and sound engineering to enable me make music at little or no cost and make music (produce) for others in exchange for money. Because if you need to do music in Nigeria (especially Gospel music) without sponsors then u need a source of income to sustain you.

What Cooking up. Anything new we should be Expecting?
(Clears throat) well expect a whole lot from me (a couple more singles before my album release,  more music videos, singles from Orange Ville’s Artist (GiftBerries) and album from GT crew (my crew) #ANTICIPATE


What your view about the Gospel World. Any Improvement?
Yes, we are improving from the quality of our music and sound which was relatively poor before now to the way which we pass our message which is now being accepted by “All”. when I say “All ” I mean the secular world. The Bible says “GO YE THEREFORE INTO THE WORLD”. And recently the eyes of our understanding is being enlightened to make sounds that would attract people in the secular to listen to Gospel music and enjoy it to

What movement can be embarked upon to restructure the Gospel System?
First there must be an innate desire for change. Change starts from the inside. once a couple of us who desire a change begin to make change in our own little way from having a desire for making high quality material for our audience, it would spread because people would be challenged to also improve on their material. I think that’s where it starts from. FROM WITHIN. restructure our minds and challenge ourselves to do better  and we would see the growth and change(s) we desire.


What do you do at Leisure time?
Spend time with my family. laugh, play, learn new dance steps as my younger sister is my dance instructor.

What your relationship with Provabs?
Provabs Is a very close friend of mine, known him for a while now and he has been a wonderful friend. He is also a friend of my family, so our friendship is beyond just music.


Are you Married?
Not yet.

Who is/are your Role Model(s)
First my Mother (smiling) Pastor Nosa, TY Bello, Pastor Bayo Adeyinka (charis family church), Tye Tribbett, Fred Hammond and some I cant remember now.


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Incase you missed the song “Aka” Click HERE

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