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Interview: “God is raising a brand new generation of worshippers”. – Odunayo Aboderin

This is an interview with Aboderin Odunayo, an anointed Gospel Artiste. He made known to Oluwaseun Blog what you have been wanting to know. Relax and Read on.


Can we meet you?
My name is Odunayo Aboderin, a Singer, Songwriter, Music/vocal coach, Producer. I love God, and I love music.

What was childhood Experience like?
I grew up with my mum, so I was always indoors. Just church, school, home. My interest in music started since my primary school days, since I was always in church if not home, I started playing the drums at a very tender age. Then, the keyboard at a time. I was part of the school band in my primary school days at Morning star Intl School, also in secondary school(Loyola College), all in Ibadan, Oyo state. I found a friend in Music, and the passion grew, thank God we’re here today.

What your Educational Background?
Had my Primary education and a Part of my secondary school in Ibadan. My mum relocated to Lagos in year 2000, so I changed my school to Prismoni High School, Ojodu where I obtained my SSCE. Had a Diploma in Marketing, went further to study Sociology, all at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye.

How long have you been into gospel music?
I’ve been playing church music for a long time now. I’ve always been a church boy. But I started Gospel Music Professionally in 2007, when I released my first single “Ife”. That’s 7years now.

How did you discover your talent singing?
I had my first solo when I was in JS2 that was in 1996. I can’t forget that song…”Shine Jesus shine”. After the concert, people commented on my voice but I didn’t really see anything professional coming out of it. I’ve always been a keyboard player but I discovered purpose in 2007, and since then its been getting better.

Following the release of your new singles with Tosin Bee “Not Ashamed”. What makes People Ashamed of Christ?
Young people especially thinks being “Born again” is not cool. This is because of the distractions and the cares of this world. If Christ wasn’t ashamed of us, why should we hide our faces when its time for evangelism. Its high time we stood for what we believe in. We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, cos its the power of God unto salvation.


Did your parents support you?
Growing up, my dad didn’t really buy the whole music idea. He was even against my studying music in the university. But a man of purpose can’t be stopped. Today, he’s proud of what God is doing.

What your view about the Gospel World. Any Improvement?
Its getting better. God is raising a brand new generation of worshippers. The revival is starting and I’m excited about it. People who won’t just make people dance, but minister life unto souls, because that’s the essence of the gospel. I’m grateful to God for being a part of that Generation.

So who are you reaching out with your music?
The gospel has not been fully preached till it gets to the uttermost part of the world. Young, old, man, woman, everybody has a message from God. I’ve been sent to the body of Christ and also to the unsaved.

How do you get inspiration to sing?
My number one source of inspiration is God. Most of the times when I go out to minister, I don’t always have a plan of my own. I totally surrender to His will, and mighty things happen. I have my source in God, and I also draw inspiration from happenings around us.

Are you married?
Not yet.

What do you do at leisure time?
I read books,listen to music, I love swimming too, even though I don’t do that often like I used to.

Who is/are your Role Model(s)?
Micah Stampley. I have his picture in my room, very close to my piano. His life and ministry has been a great source of blessing to me.

What your advice to your people about to start this great work?
  The key thing is Self discovery. If you’re sure this is what God wants you to do, go ahead! Be Prayerful, Patient and Persistence. You’ll get there. God is ever ready to back up His own business.


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