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Gospel singers now copy secular artistes – Aragbaiye


Veteran gospel artiste, Evangelist Funmi
Aragbaiye, has urged gospel musicians to
desist from imitating what she described
as patterns of secular artistes. According
to her, even though secular songs are
reigning, gospel singers should not
conform with the world.
She said, ‘‘Even though secular songs are
what most people now prefer, as gospel
musicians, we should do something
different in a way that God’s name will be
glorified. Whatever many people prefer is
necessarily not what God wants. Nigeria is
a free country where artistes can do what
they like but it is important for those who
claim to be propagating God’s word to live
up to standard. I always advise gospel
singers close to me not to follow the
crowd in the name of money. If God calls
a man, He will make a way for him. I also
tell them that I did not start my calling by
singing secular music when I received the
call to sing gospel.’’
Aragbaiye also identified piracy and
marketing among the problems facing
musicians in Nigeria.
She added that some marketers would
ask for master tapes of musicians with a
pledge to market them appropriately only
to renege on their promises.
‘‘This development is what is making many
musicians establish their own record
labels. It is not healthy for a marketer to
collect the master tape of an artiste,
make money from it and continue telling
the artiste stories that nothing is coming
forth. I have such a case on my hand but
as a gospel singer, one needs to ask for
God’s wisdom to handle such situation.
Piracy is also part of the problem. Pirates
are hell-bent on reaping where they
never sowed. They are everywhere. They
make all the gains meant for artistes. I
have my own record label and it is doing
well but as a professional singer, it is not
ideal to handle everything. One needs to
allow experts to handle their own parts
after the production of an album, ’’she
She also said the Federal Government is
not doing enough to tackle the security
challenge in the country.
The musician, who turned 60 on July 5,
added that it was necessary for the
government to adequately contain the
problem from spreading to other parts of
the country.
The artiste disclosed that he released an
album titled, Peace in Nigeria to mark
her birthday and specifically urge
Nigerians to be in sober mood. She
explained that the country’s current state
should be seen by all Nigerians as a call to
reflect on how to join hands to fight a
common enemy masquerading as
insurgency. Aragbaiye, who came to
limelight via the album, Mo Gbo Ipe
Olorun (Divine Call), added that her new
album was packaged to raise issues about
the problems bedevilling Nigeria.
She stated, ‘‘ Peace in Nigeria is a
message to Nigerians that we should be
conscious of what is happening in the
country at the moment. We need not
pretend as if all is well. It is a six-track
album released to commemorate my 60th
birthday and bring to the attention of
Nigerians the problems facing Nigeria.
Some of the tracks are Ayele (Times Are
Hard), God Save Nigeria, Peace in
Nigeria, Ohun Oluwase (What God Has
Done) and A Thousand Tongue. It will
be a selfish venture if I only celebrate my
birthday without remembering that things
are not as they used to be in my country.
I feel good at 60 especially for how God is
using me to touch people’s lives but I am
not happy with the situation of things in
A thanksgiving/reception service held in
honour of Aragbaiye in Ibadan, Oyo State
on Saturday attracted eminent persons
including Bauchi State Governor, Isa
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