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Dynamic Exhortation With SamWealth – ‘The Green Oasis In The Heart’ (P6)


Good Morning Great Mind,

By His grace this morning, we shall continue by explaining the next two. Just Before then, If you missed the previous episode. Never worry read part 5 HERE Thank you so much for following, not minding all.

The next two bulldozing instruments are:
1. Jealousy.
2. Confused and weak conclusion.


Another word for Jealousy is Negative Envy. When you envy, your mind becomes heavy and will be very difficult to think of things yourself all you will be thinking of is the achievement(s) of your friend or neighbour which is very bad.

It is a state of feeling where by you allow anger because you wish you had what someone else has. You are not ready to think deep and know what you really want and love. You are not ready to sit down and think your way above that of your friend.

Jealousy destroys the green oasis one must always cultivate in the heart, it diverts your thinking whenever you sit to think, all that will be swimming across your heart is how you can achieve same thing someone else has.

Eschew Jealousy and you will become a big future thinker.


Most people nowadays find it difficult thinking of something reasonable. The big problem is while thinking many other things also bombard the heart, and this will lead to confusion and lack of focus.

For you to have a strong conclusion you must concentrate strongly on a particular thing. Your conclusion will determine how well your plans towards achieving that goal will be.

Don’t just conclude because of what happen to others when they did same thing, do not conclude because the first time you did it, you failed. Let your conclusion be optimistic so that you will be able to think further to ensure a well planned future.

Be yourself, be focused,  work all your gifts together and use them to accomplish one great thing you will be known for.

A man that ends it well in his heart will end it well in life – ABIDOYE O. SAMUEL.

Many thanks for reading and sharing. We shall be discussing the last two tomorrow. Anticipate it, it promises to be well cooked and prepared.

Till then sir/ma, remain focused and well prepared for the future. It’s bright.


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