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Dynamic Exhortation with SamWealth (DEWS) – THE GREEN OASIS IN THE HEART (P1)


This is the first Episode Of DEWS which will be online Every Mondays & Thursdays. Your Anchor is Abidoye Samuel a.k.a SamWealth

A Beautiful Morning Here People. To Start with after a long period of time. It is necessary to open your understanding And brighten your knowledge the more about the nitty gritty of life.


Create a time to sort things out in the midst of troubled and disturbed heart.
Previous study about why people get fraustrated easily prompted me to pen something down on this.

What is an Oasis?
An oasis according to oxford advanced learner’s dictionary is a pleasant place or period of time in the middle of something unpleasant or Difficult.

And Green as we all know Signifies Peace and Probably Unity.

Now, talking about the “green oasis of the heart”, we mean finding a place for peaceful conduct and unity in the heart.

It is high time you settle the mental dispute going on within you, because as a matter of fact, if you continue with it, it will get you nowhere rather it will destroy you completely.

Until you reason to assure peace, your endeavours will be conflict filled. Don’t think to be confused, think to be fused.

“Organise a mental troops of ideas capable of achieving everything and not somethings”- Abidoye O. Samuel.

We shall be digging deep into this topic tomorrow. As a matter of fact dear we must extract something tangible that is capable of sustaining us for life.

Till then, be yourself and set a green oasis in your heart.

Big Thanks for Reading, Sharing.


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